Jamie Gutheil DC, Roseville, California


About Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a natural approach to health care. It is the largest drugless healing discipline in the world. Although the alleviation of symptoms, such as pain, is an important part of their work, chiropractic doctors stress that their primary purpose is to locate and correct the cause of the health problem in question.

The major focus of the chiropractor is to locate areas in the vertebra that are not functioning at their optimum level. Once located, the chiropractic doctor may use gentle manipulations called “adjustments” to restore normal function.

Chiropractic Education

After fulfilling pre-medical requirements in undergraduate college, the chiropractic doctor then completes a four-year program at a chiropractic college. The program includes a clinical internship and an internship in a chiropractor doctor’s office. He or she must then pass the National board examinations.

To receive a license to practice in California, the doctor of chiropractic must also pass the State Board Chiropractic Examination and complete yearly.