When it comes to food, think outside the box. Why not get some veggies in first thing in the morning? Since we are more likely to want comfort food in the evening, let’s start the day with the I had some veggies box checked.
My breakfast potatoes always include broccoli and brussels sprouts. Yuk you say? Why not get a great, nutritious start to your day? If your palate does not go gaga over these two powerhouse veggies, then hiding the flavor in breakfast (or dinner) potatoes is your solution. Moreover, baking renders them digestible for everyone, and in fact cooking broccoli and brussels sprouts helps access their nutrients. These cruciferous superheroes support: immune, are anti-cancer, decrease inflammation and help control blood sugar. What more can we ask for?
In this recipe I used a small bunch of rainbow potatoes, some fresh garlic and parsley along with my vegetables. I preheated my pan with ghee till hot, then into an oven (preheated to 390) for 20 to 30 minutes. Time varies depending on your oven. Give them a shake every ten minutes so they cook evenly. If you want to get fancy, thyme and sage taste delightful with this as well.
Now, you started your day with vegetables, and you will feel great.
If your avoiding white potatoes, my alternate is to use Japanese sweet potatoes with cinnamon spice instead of garlic. Just make sure to coat the potatoes with ample cinnamon in a bowel. Then cook them exactly the same as above. They taste so sweet and delicious, and are a favorite in our house when guests come. Everyone asks “we are eating what”? Then, they recant any initial statements of doubt requesting the recipe.