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Dr. Jamie Gutheil DC graduated from Palmer-West Chiropractic University in 1995 then completed her post graduate work as a Clinical Nutritionist.
“We all have a personal best, and I enjoy helping each individual I have the privilege of working with, achieve theirs.”

Dr Jamie Gutheil DC

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Our Services Include:
Nutritional Exams,
Nutritional Counseling,
Weight Loss Programs,
Food Based Supplements,
Herbs, Homeopathic Remedies,
Essential Oils, Chiropractic,
Massage Therapy,
Hot Stone Massage,
Therapeutic exercise,
Postural Retraining and Meditation.

Proper Nutrition along with Natural Supplements and Herbs can improve any and every health condition. Some of the more common health issues include:
Allergies * Autoimmune Disease * Asthma * Anxiety * Arthritis * Weight Gain Blood Sugar Imbalances * Diabetes * Digestive Issues * Depression * IBS * High Blood Pressure * Hormone Imbalance * High Cholesterol * Hypothyroid * Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Fibromyalgia * Stress * Reflux * Gastritis * Chronic Pain * Kids on The Spectrum * Low Energy

At Goodhealth Nutrition and Chiropractic Center We offer the following forms of Nutritional Testing:
Food Sensitivity,
Digestive, Hormonal, Adrenal, Thyroid, Bone Health,
Muscle Testing,
Hair Analysis,
NutrEval and General Blood Tests.
These Tests are covered by most Insurance Companies!

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On Inspiration

We inspire those around us when we move out of our comfort zone and follow the path of our dreams. By taking a first step toward health we choose to follow the road we intuitively know brings us closer to our dreams.
A healthy lifestyle is so much more than a bit of weight loss or a better night sleep, it is a path to greater joy and satisfaction.
I invite you to be an inspiration for me and those around you.

Dr Jamie Gutheil DC

Because the earlier knowledge as an Instructor of Massage Therapy is combined with her experience as a Doctor of Chiropractic I have found Dr. Gutheil’s treatment advanced and unsurpassed (from any other Chiropractor!). Through my life’s adventures, with numerous injuries, Jamie has proven to be an excellent coach. She has always taken the time to thoroughly assess exactly what would help me heal faster, producing a much stronger outcome. Going that extra mile, caring and helping others is obviously her passion.

Diana Kennedy
Roseville, CA

“Dr. Guthiel uses the breadth of her knowledge each time she manipulates or adjusts a patient. Her comprehensive understanding of the human Muculoskeletal System, as both an instructor and practicing doctor, leads to quality results by using comfortable, non-invasive techniques and applications. I am happy to drive a longer distance in order to have Dr. Guthiel provide the quality of care I am seeking in a chiropractor.

Melanie Bedwell
Communications professional and Certified Massage Therapist