As we navigate the landscape of our lives, we share with every other human being the innate desire for health and happiness.
Chiropractic has been relieving pain and improving people’s lives for over one hundred years. Being a Palmer-West graduate, I integrate all state-of-the-art Chiropractic techniques as well as the foundational Palmer adjustment.
Because the world we live in has become so unhealthy, I began offering nutrition as well. To get the best results for you I integrate exercise, nutrition and Chiropractic.
I began studying nutrition to improve my own health and the health of my family. This naturally extended into my Chiropractic practice, then grew into a rewarding nutritional practice. What I learned is that not only are health and happiness tied together but they are essential for a harmonious life. In other words, changing your lifestyle may not guarantee longevity but it will make the ride more joyful and less bumpy.
We encourage our patients to improve their nutrition, exercise and reduce stress. Our community supports you with a library of educational videos on nutrition, exercises and wellness.
I have had the privilege over the years of watching people change their habits and transform their lives. I see myself as a guide on your journey. Most of us realize that we need to improve our health, but are hesitant to take that first step. I support and encourage you to become the hero of your own life.
We accept most major insurances and appointment can be made by phone, text or online 24/7. If you do not have insurance the initial appointment is $85 and all subsequent appointments $45.