Jamie Gutheil DC, Roseville, California


Healing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is common but not normal and is fixable. I know how hard it can be to begin the healing process, that's why we break it down into small, manageable steps. Watch the video and read the blog on Healing Osteoporosis as your first step. Then, schedule an appointment, allow us to create a customized plan and let's execute it together. I understand getting healthy may seem hard, but it being sick that stops us from living the life we want, medication free. Continue reading

Heal Reflux Now

I want to dispel a couple of myths regarding reflux. First, reflux is not caused by an increase in your stomach’s own hydrochloric acid. Second myth, is that even though acid suppressing medications fix the problem. Although medications alleviate the symptoms of reflux, in the long run, they make the problem worse. We have a natural acid in our stomach… Continue reading

Sun Safety Tips

Sun Safety Tips Now that’s Summer here we need to make sure we get enough Vitamin F, an essential fatty acid that prevents sun sensitivity, (for those of us that get headaches in the sun) sunstroke and helps prevent skin cancer. Fatty Acids are responsible for pulling Calcium into tissues and out of the blood. People are more prone to… Continue reading

Healing Tinnitus

Healing Tinnitus Tinnitus can be caused by a number of different conditions including build-up of inner ear wax, ear infections, vestibular disorders, exposure to loud noises, Meniere’s disease, low thyroid function, hypertension, allergies, and on very rare cases a tumor. Over 250 medications list tinnitus as a common side effect of usage including aspirin and anti-biotics. One of the most… Continue reading