Like many Practitioners I began my journey into health to find answers for my own issues. My parents had back issues, and so we were exposed to Chiropractic at an early age. As an adult, following an auto injury, I discovered the benefits of Chiropractic for myself.

In early adulthood I was diagnosed with cancer, which led me to the decision to truly take charge of my life. I immediately began learning everything I could about Nutrition. Not only did my health improve but the health of my families did as well. Through proper Nutrition we became healthier and happier.

I bring over 30 years of experience in the health field to my practice. Having begun my career as a Physical Therapist Assistant and Massage Therapist, I understand the relationship between movement and health. The addition of Chiropractic to my body of knowledge solidified my belief in the bodies innate healing capabilities. Finally, the Nutritional component is the cornerstone of my practice.

We are truly what we have been given (our genetics) and what we eat, do, and think about.

I am dedicated to the belief that Health happens when you feed the body the Nutritional Components it needs to support the mind and framework.

Dr Jamie Gutheil DC