Jamie Gutheil DC, Roseville, California

Chiropractic Video

Learn How Best To Side Sleep

Learn How Best To Side Sleep Learn how to side sleep in a way which supports your spine and relieves back pain. I review two important aspects of side sleeping and how to do them. Here are two knee pillows great for side sleeping. ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Sciatica Relief, Back Pain, Leg Pain, Pregnancy, Hip and Joint Pain… Continue reading

Preventing Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis Trail walking is good for your balance and your feet. As the feet grab, contract and conform on the trail; they get a work out. In the long run, your feet will get stronger and be less problematic. And, as you massage and loosen the muscles of the feet and surrounding fascia; you prevent Plantar Fasciitis. Another benefit… Continue reading

Upperback Foam Roller Massage

Upperback Foam Roller MassageThis video explains how to massage the upper back using a foam roller. The specific area includes all of the thoracic spine. This is a great form of self massage which only requires the foam roller. See Amazon link below for the foam roller. ProsourceFit Flex Foam Rollers for Muscle Massage, Physical Therapy, Core & Balance Exercises Stabilization https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EDTEIAM/…

Relieve Neck Pain , Part Three

Neck Pain Relief Part THree This the 3rd video in my four-part series on relieving neck pain. I’ve included a link to part one and part two below. Part one https://youtu.be/S8AANAsx_3Y Part two https://youtu.be/OumcOaFwZ9Y TheraBand Resistance Band Set, Professional Latex Elastic Bands for Upper & Lower Body & Core Exercise, Physical Therapy, Lower Pilates, At-Home Workouts, and Rehab, Beginner & Advanced Sets by TheraBand