My now-husband and I worked with Jamie on the 21Day Purification Process in May 2018. We were a couple of months out from our wedding date but informed her of our ultimate goal which was to start a family. We were a little hesitant about any sort of detox based on our previous encounters with friends and family who experienced an array of outcomes - most of which were described with internal discomfort or simply unrealistic in terms of outcome and achievement (i.e. bowel cleanses, juicing, teas, etc). We needed a realistic approach and we cannot emphasize how happy we are to have gone through this process.
Jamie ultimately became our navigator; she guided us from start to finish and was incredibly informative. We used Standard Process supplements all 21 days as well as whole foods that were unprocessed and organic, if possible. As a brief background, Standard Process provides high-quality, whole food nutritional supplements. The program was realistic and pushed for a lot of TLC when it came to making breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. The first 10 days were meatless but will slowly re-introduce select proteins back into your system.

We leaned on Jamie when we hit a wall and needed some more meal recommendations. All in all, this cleanse was exposed us to an overall healthier lifestyle. We felt happier, healthier, and more energetic. We got married on June 23, 2018, and found out we were pregnant at the end of July 2018.

My husband and I now have a handsome baby boy and can attest to this detoxification process. Our bodies are resilient but may need a little kickstart for a healthier future! Thank you, Jamie. We appreciate you.


Before beginning the 21 Day Purification Program I had been on a weight loss program doing well consciously eating and losing weight. When I heard about this program I wanted to add the benefit of cleansing my system during the same time.
At the end of the 21 days I had lost eight pounds and after a blood test my cholesterol levels showed a drop of 15 points and my liver scores much better. My BMI results went from high to normal during this time. I have learned to make healthier choices in my food selection and feel much better.
I would highly recommend this program to anyone considering it for lifelong changed in making healthier choices

Susan Glover
Roseville, CA

Somehow, I’d gotten myself to the highest weight of my life. I blamed everything on peri-menopause and the moon and everything in between. I ate too much and enjoyed wine every day. It was part of my routine. I didn’t think I was eating badly as I ate organic, never microwaved food and ate only fresh and unpackaged things. But, I ate a lot of fruit (sugar), had a glass or two of wine every day with dinner (sugar) and most afternoons, had a treat from the vending machine at work (sugar). Sugar, caffeine and alcohol were my three main food groups.

My doctor threatened to put me on cholesterol drugs. “It’s just time.” she said. I wimped and whined and asked what I could do to avoid that and she said: “lose weight.” Oh, and since my BMI was so wickedly high, I qualified for bariatric surgery or medical weight loss management — where you drink liquids for 4 months. Yeah - no way I was going to do either of those things. Then, I saw Dr. Jamie on Facebook celebrating her new grandson and my jaw dropped - she looked fabulous! So, I set up an appointment - whatever she was doing, I wanted to get there, too.

Dr. Jamie gave me the scoop on the Standard Process, hooked me up with a basic kit and provided guidelines for what to expect. I knew in my heart it was the right thing! I bought a Vitamix and after complaining about the high cost of it, realized that just giving up wine alone has paid for it in a few months.

Although the detox program was 21 days, I never went back to adding back in the old things in my diet. I’m still caffeine-free and have had 3 glasses of wine in 3 months and that will likely drop altogether. I’ve had no sugar and kept my fruit to half or one piece a day. I highly recommend The Blender Girl book or app for amazing smoothie recipes. My sugar cravings are absolutely gone. My sweetheart loves peach pie and coffee. Easily, I can make his coffee when he wants it as well as baking him peach pie or any pie he wants. The only stipulation is that he can’t coerce me to have some and he has to eat the whole thing or share with his friends. I have zero feelings of deprivation. And this is big news from a hard core foodie. Now, my foods are largely raw and my tastes have changed entirely.

I feel fabulous and my coworkers are noticing. I’m lighter in both body and spirit and loving life. Can’t wait to go back to the doctor for a cholesterol check up! She’ll hardly recognize me.

Thank you, Dr. Jamie for helping me to live again. I’m tremendous grateful for your support and guidance.

Big hug,


I was 100 pounds overweight with many health problems. I began the 21-day Purification with much resistance and doubt. I have always loved cooking, eating and let’s just say wine goes with everything. The problem was my health was deteriorating and I knew it deep down inside.

So, I took the first step and although it was hard the first week of the Purification, I have never looked back. By day five of the program I was beginning to have more energy and could think clearly again. By the end of the program I had lost my first twenty-two pounds and was on my way.

It is 5 years since then and I no longer have a foot ulcer, or take blood pressure medications. I have lost 100 pounds and enjoy my life in ways I never imagined.

Yes, I still cook and enjoy my food, but I use wonderful, healthy, tasty ingredients not the fake flavors of processed foods. I gave up coffee because I prefer how much energy I have without it. I did not realize how drinking coffee depleted my energy overall.

I recommend taking the plunge if you’re ready, you will lose weight and improve your health and quality of life. I also have had a positive effect on those around me.

I am grateful to enjoy a wonderful Grandson, I now have a good chance of watching grow up.


I hurt my back and while being treated for pain with massage from the wonderful staff and Jamie herself, I was recommended to try a cleanse program. I had gained a fair amount of weight and was tired and sluggish. I finally signed on and have been amazed by the results. I have roughly lost 17 LBS by following the step by step instructions.

The support from Mike and Jamie Was outstanding, as well as the education. Phone calls to check in and email support explaining the day to day expectations. This program has given me confidence, energy, and a healthy lifestyle change.

I would highly recommend this cleanse to anyone serious about their health!

Mike Maring

Because the earlier knowledge as an Instructor of Massage Therapy is combined with her experience as a Doctor of Chiropractic I have found Dr. Gutheil’s treatment advanced and unsurpassed (from any other Chiropractor!). Through my life’s adventures, with numerous injuries, Jamie has proven to be an excellent coach. She has always taken the time to thoroughly assess exactly what would help me heal faster, producing a much stronger outcome. Going that extra mile, caring and helping others is obviously her passion.

Diana Kennedy
Roseville, CA

“Dr. Guthiel uses the breadth of her knowledge each time she manipulates or adjusts a patient. Her comprehensive understanding of the human Muculoskeletal System, as both an instructor and practicing doctor, leads to quality results by using comfortable, non-invasive techniques and applications. I am happy to drive a longer distance in order to have Dr. Guthiel provide the quality of care I am seeking in a chiropractor.

Melanie Bedwell
Communications professional and Certified Massage Therapist

Good Morning Dr.Jamie.
I have been wearing pant size 38 and busting out of that. Just bought pants, size 36. ( not in 30 years)
Lost 19 lbs. and only get up 2 to three times a night. ( 6 to 8 times before)
Love ya!

Thank You

David Dorer