I know how difficult it can be to get a handle on your health, that’s why we break it down into small manageable steps. Step one is to identify the bad guys. Unfortunately, we usually blame ourselves for life style related weight and health issues. Here’s what though- we are not the weak, unfocused characters we imagine ourselves to be.
For years we have been bombarded with untruths by the food and pharmaceutical industries. In fact, these guys are so bad I collectively refer to them as the “evil empire”. The evil empire initially convinced us that unhealthy, processed, so called foods are actually good for us. Then, when we became unhealthy, the empire swoops in with medications they claim will make us well and happy. What they created is an overweight, malnourished, sick and unhappy society.
Today we have those who follow the evil empire without question, and those who get what’s happening to our health and quality of life. Because you are reading this, I know you are not one who chooses to remain kept in the dark, living an unhealthy life, designed by a greedy billion-dollar industry. You want more than the crumbs tossed to you by those guys.
You also want to live a life without chronic pain and illness, not a life where your battling your weight and always feeling sick and tired.
I know what I’m saying is not news, but it helps to hear it again and again, so that it really sinks in. Repeating the negative messages is how the evil empire conditioned us into believing them. We can use the same process to set ourselves free. Once we embody this truth, we are ready for change. Congratulations you just completed step one of taking your health back.
Step two is about where to start. Nutrition is simple; get the bad out, put the good in. That’s where I come in. I am your own personal guide. Let’s start by figuring out what you need, not what everyone else needs. Now, go to step three by following the link below and schedule your 15-minute consult. Once we chat, we can create your plan. I’m so excited for you and look forward to being your guide, but this is your journey.
You just accomplished steps one and two without breaking a sweat. Now take another step towards the life of your dreams.
Don’t hesitate because you’re unsure, or think you can’t because you haven’t been successful before, just take that next step. Otherwise you stay confused and frustrated like everyone else.

I offer a 15-minute consultation at no cost to you. This offers you the chance to meet with me and have answered any questions you may have regarding how the process works. It is also a great time to decide how best to proceed with your care.

I do not diagnose or review tests during the consultation.

The cost of the Nutritional exam is $150.00 not including nutrient supplements or any additional testing I may recommend.

The evaluation includes two 30-minute appointments. The first is the exam and history, and the second is to review recommendations.

Please bring copies of any tests, including bloodwork to your initial appointment. Additional tests may be recommended.

I also ask you not to eat or drink anything except water for one hour prior to exam.

Please bring in all supplements you are currently taking.

To schedule your appointment, either call or go to the online calendar located on the homepage.

Download and fill out all Nutrition forms prior to your visit.

I look forward to working with you.
Jamie Gutheil DC
Clinical Nutritionist

Many insurance companies cover these tests

We offer the following forms of Nutritional Testing:

Food Sensitivity - We offer a variety of tests from 4 to 400 different foods. Environmental chemicals and food additives can be tested as well. Several tests provide personalized nutritional recommendations.

Digestive - Gives detailed information on what’s chemically going on in your gut, including quantity of good and bad gut bacteria. We will be able to determine where your digestion is strong and where it is weak.

Hormonal – This test measures protein bound hormones, a more accurate test than blood test.

Adrenal - Measures cortisol over the day several times. The test measures if you have Adrenal fatigue or burnout.

Thyroid - We measure a functional variety of thyroid markers to gain more information than the standard blood test.

Muscle Testing - Nutrition Applied Testing is a form of Applied Kinesiology.

Hair Analysis - One of the most cost efficient ways to see the body’s mineral relationships. Minerals are a window into your health and Nutritional needs.

General Blood Tests- We recommend standard blood workups if they have not been done in the past two years.

NutrEval- This is an advanced diagnostic tool that identifies functional deficiencies of vitamins, nutrients, and essential cofactors. Results are achieved by combining analysis of organic acids, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and elemental markers.

Neurotransmitter Testing Includes: Serotonin, GABA, Dopamine, Nor-Epinephrine, Epinephrine and Glutamate. Also include with this test is a test of Cortisol measured four separate times of day and DHEA.

Test results provide personalized nutritional recommendations based on individual functional needs.

Detoxification is a valuable tool I use to improve health and lose weight. Great health starts with healthy digestion. My program decreases inflammation and improves both food breakdown and nutrient uptake. People sign up for the detox initially to lose weight, but then are always amazed by the health improvements they experience. Looking and feeling better go hand in hand with living healthy.

Watch my video on the Purification (Detox) process, which is located on my homepage. The video not only talks about the process, but also reviews some of the less known reasons we tend to gain weight.

What people are saying

Somehow, I’d gotten myself to the highest weight of my life. I blamed everything on peri-menopause and the moon and everything in between. I ate too much and enjoyed wine every day. It was part of my routine. I didn’t think I was eating badly as I ate organic, never microwaved food and ate only fresh and unpackaged things. But, I ate a lot of fruit (sugar), had a glass or two of wine every day with dinner (sugar) and most afternoons, had a treat from the vending machine at work (sugar). Sugar, caffeine and alcohol were my three main food groups.

My doctor threatened to put me on cholesterol drugs. “It’s just time.” she said. I wimped and whined and asked what I could do to avoid that and she said: “lose weight.” Oh, and since my BMI was so wickedly high, I qualified for bariatric surgery or medical weight loss management — where you drink liquids for 4 months. Yeah - no way I was going to do either of those things. Then, I saw Dr. Jamie on Facebook celebrating her new grandson and my jaw dropped - she looked fabulous! So, I set up an appointment - whatever she was doing, I wanted to get there, too.

Dr. Jamie gave me the scoop on the Standard Process, hooked me up with a basic kit and provided guidelines for what to expect. I knew in my heart it was the right thing! I bought a Vitamix and after complaining about the high cost of it, realized that just giving up wine alone has paid for it in a few months.

Although the detox program was 21 days, I never went back to adding back in the old things in my diet. I’m still caffeine-free and have had 3 glasses of wine in 3 months and that will likely drop altogether. I’ve had no sugar and kept my fruit to half or one piece a day. I highly recommend The Blender Girl book or app for amazing smoothie recipes. My sugar cravings are absolutely gone. My sweetheart loves peach pie and coffee. Easily, I can make his coffee when he wants it as well as baking him peach pie or any pie he wants. The only stipulation is that he can’t coerce me to have some and he has to eat the whole thing or share with his friends. I have zero feelings of deprivation. And this is big news from a hard core foodie. Now, my foods are largely raw and my tastes have changed entirely.

I feel fabulous and my coworkers are noticing. I’m lighter in both body and spirit and loving life. Can’t wait to go back to the doctor for a cholesterol check up! She’ll hardly recognize me.

Thank you, Dr. Jamie for helping me to live again. I’m tremendous grateful for your support and guidance.

Big hug,


Read the success stories on our testimonial page!

Weight Loss - All weight loss programs are individualized, but I encourage starting with my 21-day Purification program. This program teaches you how to eat, helps break bad food habits, removes toxins, and takes off weight. The average weight loss is about 10 pounds but results vary. The best part is you will feel and look wonderful which will encourage you to keep going.

Watch my video on the Purification (Detox) process, which is located on my homepage. The video not only talks about the process, but also reviews some of the less known reasons we tend to gain weight.

What people are saying

I was 100 pounds overweight with many health problems. I began the 21-day Purification with much resistance and doubt. I have always loved cooking, eating and let’s just say wine goes with everything. The problem was my health was deteriorating and I knew it deep down inside.

So, I took the first step and although it was hard the first week of the Purification, I have never looked back. By day five of the program I was beginning to have more energy and could think clearly again. By the end of the program I had lost my first twenty-two pounds and was on my way.

It is 5 years since then and I no longer have a foot ulcer, or take blood pressure medications. I have lost 100 pounds and enjoy my life in ways I never imagined.

Yes, I still cook and enjoy my food, but I use wonderful, healthy, tasty ingredients not the fake flavors of processed foods. I gave up coffee because I prefer how much energy I have without it. I did not realize how drinking coffee depleted my energy overall.

I recommend taking the plunge if you’re ready, you will lose weight and improve your health and quality of life. I also have had a positive effect on those around me.

I am grateful to enjoy a wonderful Grandson, I now have a good chance of watching grow up.


Read the success stories on our testimonial page!