Hypothyroidism is so common today, you would think medically the question would be asked, “why this is.” Instead, we medicate everyone with a high TSH and low thyroid symptoms. In the nutrition world the question has been asked and answered for years. Hypothyroid is most commonly caused by poor diet and high stress.
In my practice, I see this repeatedly. Once we make the appropriate lifestyle changes, the low thyroid symptoms begin to improve.
Most hypothyroidism is caused by diminished conversion of the inactive form of thyroid hormone, to the active form. This faulty conversion is from toxicity in the liver and inflammation in the gut. When this is chronic, you develop symptoms of hypothyroidism.

The process of increasing your thyroid hormone, so that you are longer hypothyroid, includes dietary and lifestyle changes. I begin the process with bloodwork, which tells me details of why you are hypothyroid. Bloodwork is usually followed up with a detox program to support your liver and digestive system. I then, if needed support your thyroid gland itself. Finally, I address any other issues that may be causing your hypothyroidism.

The process to turn around hypothyroidism, takes about six months. Most people experience a dramatic improvement in how they think and feel. In fact, the improved quality of life and increased level of happiness are often quite pleasantly surprising.

Dr. Jamie Gutheil D.C., Clinical Nutritionist