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Healing Osteoporosis

I know how hard it can be to begin the healing process, that’s why we break it down into small, manageable steps. Watch the video and read the blog on Healing Osteoporosis as your first step. Then, schedule an appointment, allow us to create a customized plan and let’s execute it together. I understand getting healthy may seem hard, but it being sick that stops us from living the life we want, medication free.

First, bone loss is not a normal process at any age; it happens for a reason.

Osteoporosis occurs when lifestyle does not support genetics. In other words, you have the genes for osteoporosis and live a life style which does not support your bones. The good news is if you change your diet, exercise and take supplements you can dramatically increase bone mineralization. As with many health conditions today, osteoporosis starts in the gut. If you are eating highly processed (anything in a package) food, you decrease Calcium absorption.

Osteoporosis is a catabolic process associated with low hormones and high cortisol.

The six changes you must make:
1. Drink Water – Drink half your weight in ounces, or make sure your urine is very light
2. Eat Green Vegetables- Vitamin K pulls Calcium into bone.
3. Do weight bearing exercise,
4. Limit Alcohol, Salt, Sugar and Caffeine.
5. No soda of any kind!
6. Take only food-based supplements. If it’s not food based, it’s probably made from an undigestible rock.

Supplements: Calcifood wafers are the best bone building supplement on the market. Calcifood is raw, cold-processed bone meal. It is also important to support the cofactors which help calcium be absorbed.

Remember it is a process, so just start with a little exercise, avoid one bad food and add in one good!

Estrogen prevents breakdown of bone, but progesterone and testosterone build bone. Just taking estrogen leaves you with no new bone. All three of these hormones must be in balance to have strong bones. Saliva is an easy, effective way to check your hormone levels.

You need cholesterol to make hormones. Since cholesterol is the foundation for hormones, if your cholesterol is to low you won’t have strong healthy. bones.

Reflux and Gerd
If you have reflux and are on PPI’s you will not have enough stomach acid to digest and absorb calcium. See my you tube talk on reflux at:

We all need to have enough fat-soluble vitamins; especially vitamin K. Vitamin K puts calcium into our bones, so without it no calcium in the bones. To digest fat soluble vitamins, you need bile from the gall bladder. Without a gall bladder, you can’t digest these important nutrients unless you support fat digestion.

Calcium Rich Foods:
Organic, high protein grains or animal protein that is free range and organic.
(fish, chicken, less beef unless Grass Fed)
Green Leafy Vegetables
Greek yogurt (Fage brand with all the fat)
Sweet Potato
Fresh Fruit
Peanut, Almond, Walnut,
Liver, Eggs

Vitamin D
Pulls calcium into the blood. Supplement according to how low your vitamin D actually is. For example, if your D is at 20 and you want to increase the level to 50, take the difference times 100 daily. In this example 50 minus 30 is 20. 20 times 100 is 2000mg per day.
Foods: Liver, Eggs, Mushroom
Sun: 15 minutes in sun three times per week in shorts and short sleeves

Processed Food
Canned Soup
Frozen Dinner
Fast Food

Basically, start eating more foods in their natural state. Anything in a package is processed in some way. This means it is full of food qualities from the “bad food qualities list”. In other words, packaged foods contain chemicals and preservatives which irritate the digestive lining having a negative effect on digestion.

Walk every day outside which is a weight baring activity with vitamin D to boot!

Dr. Jamie Gutheil D.C.