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Join me February 15th, 2018 from 6:30:00 to 7:30 pm

Come hear me talk about how this program changed my life and many others.

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Learn why weight loss and healthy eating is so challenging these days.

Chronic weight issues are directly related to environmental toxicity. We live in a time when detoxification is a necessity for everyone. Our food, water and air are filled with toxins that negatively impact our health. Modern degenerative diseases like diabetes, and all digestive problems are so commonplace because of these toxins. In fact, the whole-body inflammation so many of us experience is the direct result of toxins.

Learn about a program which gently detoxifies your body and improves your health; all while you learn healthy eating habits.

Learn the real story on Gluten and other hidden culprits in food that keep us unhealthy and forever battling our weight. If you believe you eat healthy and cannot lose weight, or you eat unhealthily but cannot change habits; learn why this is and how to change. Start a process to reverse the negative impact  environmental toxins have on you and  your families health.  Jump-start your health, have more energy and improve all aspects of your life.

  Eating healthy will improve any and every health condition!

Jamie Gutheil D.C. Clinical Nutritionist

                                                     (916) 772-1116