Join me May 31st from 7 till 8pm and learn to restore your hormone balance.

The focus of the class is balancing your own hormone production, usually by increasing the availability of your hormones.

Balancing hormones is simpler than you’d think. Imagine balanced hormones as a full pie with all the slices. Now imagine the pie with a few pieces missing and you’ll understand unbalanced hormones. The next step is figure out who’s stealing the pie then stop the thievery.

In this class I will review the most common hormone disrupters, (aka thieves) and how to fix them. I will also discuss what tests are useful, including hormone and adrenal.
I will also review how using bioidenticals can upset your own natural hormone balance and in the long run leave you in the same place you started. At the very minimum, bioidenticals should not be your first line of defense.

Finally, I will talk about lifestyle changes which will make a significant difference for cycling, perimenopause and menopausal woman.

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I look forward to seeing you.

Dr Jamie Gutheil DC, Applied Clinical Nutritionist