Sun Safety Tips

Now that’s Summer here we need to make sure we get enough Vitamin F, an essential fatty acid that prevents sun sensitivity, (for those of us that get headaches in the sun) sunstroke and helps prevent skin cancer.

Fatty Acids are responsible for pulling Calcium into tissues and out of the blood. People are more prone to sun stroke and sensitivity when they are low in tissue Calcium and high in blood Calcium. Also, if vitamin F is deficient we have increased incidence of skin cancer. Vitamin F protects the body as vitamin D rises during periods of excess sun exposure. A healthy dose of sun is 15 to 20 minutes a day.

Interesting that skin cancer has increased over the last 30 years even though we all use sun block! This correlates with the last 30 years of eating low healthy fats and high unhealthy fat.

So, eat some healthy fats before a day in the Sun! My favorites are: walnuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and fish; mostly salmon mackerel, tuna and trout.
Have fish the night before, a little flax in your yogurt or smoothie the day of and pack those walnuts and sunflower seeds off for your family when you are in for prolonged sun exposer.

I always supplement my family with Cataplex F when hitting the beach, a whole food source of essential fatty acids.

Also, don’t forget your sunscreen! The healthy living app is a great source on what brand of sunscreen is right for you. Get the healthy living app

So, take along Cataplex F, sunscreen, water and a hat when in the sun. Remember being mindful that limiting your time in the sun will help keep your skin safe, healthy and youthful.


Dr. Jamie Gutheil DC Clinical Nutritionist