The Myths About Reflux

Learn the truth about acid blocking medications, and how they only mask symptoms while making the problem worse. Learn how reflux is fixable in just a few short steps.
Our digestive system gets irritated from chemicals in our food the same way the skin on our bodies does. So, when we eat processed foods, we are exposed to chemicals which irritate our gut lining. This irritation leads to inflammation, which then causes a significant decrease in digestive enzymes needed to digest our foods. This all opens the door to reflux. When food does not digest well, the food sits in the stomach. To fix this we need to change the diet, support the digestion with natural enzymes and other supplements.
I have amazing results using a plan which gets the bad out and the good in. It’s simple to get rid of: esophageal reflux, gastritis or just plain old heartburn. To fix reflux I use a two-part simple approach of bad out, and good in.
Before you decide to take a medication, which has unwanted side effects, consider making changes to your diet and taking natural supplements to support your gut!

Dr. Jamie Gutheil