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Jamie Gutheil DC, Roseville, California

Zoom Meditation Thursday April 30th

Roseville Zoom Meditation Hi All, This Thursday we meet again to meditate for 45 minutes followed by a talk on meditations incredible effect on immunity. We will also talk about how Metta meditation is especially helpful during this time. Just click the link on computer, phone or tablet, then enter the passcode for the meeting. The meeting will be accessible… Continue reading

Creative Ways To Eat Vegetables

When it comes to food, think outside the box. Why not get some veggies in first thing in the morning? Since we are more likely to want comfort food in the evening, let’s start the day with the I had some veggies box checked. My breakfast potatoes always include broccoli and brussels sprouts. Yuk you say? Why not get a… Continue reading

Mike and Jamie’s Home Soup Stock

Ok, I finally got Mike to write it all down. This broth is so delicious you can drink it. I love a cup in the morning with breakfast. The broth is a wonderful base for any soup, and in fact when I start with this stock, I can’t make a bad soup. The health benefits are numerous, beginning with gut… Continue reading